Three reasons why to try Lerni reusable sticker books

Three reasons why to try Lerni reusable sticker books


Did you hear about our Reusable sticker books? Stickers for repeated use are a bestseller loved by boys and girls! They cover various topics entertainingly, are for repeated use, last for years and can be removed easily, and children learn tremendously thanks to them. Besides these benefits, these reusable stickers help children to train their fine motor skills, fantasy, role-play and deepen their knowledge in various topics. And you don't have to stress about being able to remove them from the closet or the window. Do you still need convincing to buy our reusable stickers? We have three more reasons why to try Lerni reusable sticker books!

Lerni stickers are educational.

 Lerni reusable sticker books educate children on various topics, such as ecology and the world around us, and they will introduce animal and vehicle types. You can playfully awaken the interest in the human body in your children. Thanks to these stickers, they will learn to name individual body parts and their use.

Reusable sticker books are a great tool that entertains and educates children simultaneously. Thanks to the significant number of stickers on various topics, your child will not get bored!

You can use them over and over. 

Reusable stickers last for several years! You can use them over and over, you save up paper, you can also use the colourful templates repeatedly, and stickers can be affixed even on smooth surfaces. You can decorate, for example, a cup, a bottle or even a phone. Children can decorate their bedroom doors, closet doors, and fridge or learn animal sounds, even while travelling by car. You can peel off the stickers easily and don’t have to worry about damaging any surfaces.

Here is a tip for you:

Despite the fact the stickers are for repeated use, a situation may arise that they will lose their adhesive properties. Their repeated use is slightly complicated if the stickers get damaged or dirty. For the stickers to last the longest, you can clean them from time to time in a big bowl of warm water, to which you will add a drop of detergent. Immerse a small amount of the stickers gently, and after some time, withdraw the stickers and put them into the bowl of clean water. Place the stickers on a paper towel with the white part facing up and let it dry.

Don’t leave any mess. 

Our stickers can be easily removed, but at the same time, they hold well. Thanks to the easy removal, Lerni stickers don’t leave a mess compared to regular stickers that are removed with incredible difficulty.

With Lerni reusable stickers, you don’t have to worry about damaging the surfaces they are affixed to. Thanks to their simple use, you can stick them on various smooth surfaces, from which they can be easily peeled off. That is all with no unnecessary mess and effort. The reason why is that reusable stickers don’t contain any glue. They constitute a special foil that is smooth and easy to use.

Lerni stickers for everyone

Reusable sticker book Lerni is a toy and educational tool at the same time; it is suitable for both boys and girls, for all curious children, and for minor children who train their fine motor skills thanks to the stickers.

On our Lerni e-shop, we offer multiple Lerni reusable sticker books. Whether you have a little princess or an animal lover at home, you will indeed find the right design for your child. You can choose from various reusable sticker book designs:

Thanks to these stickers to name animals, your child will learn where they live and what sounds they make, and besides that, you can teach your children various parts of the human body or vehicle types.


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