Five magnetic board activities that will entertain everyone!

Five magnetic board activities that will entertain everyone!

Magnetic boards belong among the popular educational toys. They are made of durable materials, can be found in practical dimensions and entertain both boys and girls. They help to train fine motor skills and develop graphomotor skills. With these fantastic magnetic boards, you can create entertaining and educational activities with your children. Here are some of them: 

Create your story

Create your story on your magnetic board. Children can make diverse images or even stories. Let your children create figures and manifold important elements on the magnetic board MAXI that they cannot miss in their fairytale. Think up together an adventurous story, thanks to which you will support creativity and fantasy development in children.

Teach your children in a fun way.

You can use COLORDOTS magnetic board for teaching your children letters, numbers and revising colours or even shapes. You can create various letters on the board and always ask your children to search for the letter you assigned. You can sort the letters according to the colours when they are found. This activity will teach your child about letters, numbers and colours.

Can you complete the task without errors? 

On LOGIDOTS magnetic board, children must answer correctly on the given tasks. While completing tasks, children can compete who completes more tasks without error. Thanks to the magnetic board, children train their logical thinking, memory and fine motor skills. 

How do the magnets work?

Children learn about relations and connections among the magnets while playing with the magnetic boards. They can observe how a magnet behaves, when the objects attract and when not. Use the magnetic board to discover the effects of physics. Children will have a great deal of fun and will learn at the same time.

Sorting games 

You can use magnetic boards for sorting games, thanks to which children will learn about, for example, colours. Give them a task to make a blue house or, for example, a green flower. If you want your children to learn shapes, create on the board various shapes and ask children to complete them. This way, children can learn basic shapes such as circles or triangles.


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