6 Tips on How to Entertain a Child During Rainy Weather

6 Tips on How to Entertain a Child During Rainy Weather

Besides fun outdoor activities, summer also brings many days when it's necessary to spend time indoors. We have six tips on entertaining your child with our products if you need more ideas.

Who will build the most beautiful structure?

The COLORMAG building blocks have long been one of the most popular toys. This building set allows children to create something new, stimulating their imagination and creativity. The individual pieces easily connect and disconnect thanks to magnets, holding them together very securely. What's great is that you can have a lot of fun with them on various metal surfaces or objects. The playing surface can be as simple as a refrigerator or a metal door frame. With it, children can build various structures like dollhouses, castles, police stations, vehicles, spaceships, zoos, or botanical gardens. Have a competition at home - who can make the tallest tower? Whose structure is the most beautiful?

And what about creating your track?

The magnetic Colormag building set is trendy, but have you heard of its enhanced version, COLORMAG Tubes? This version allows children to build 3D objects with elements to assemble a ball track. Try to create the best path and watch how the colourful and even glowing balls roll along it.

Learn in a fun way

If you have an older child at home and want to practice writing with them, try Magic Drawing. It's an educational toy that allows unlimited drawing. Create shapes of letters or numbers on it, and your child can then trace over them. With older kids, you can prepare words on paper that they can write on the tablet and practice. Don't worry about mistakes; simply erase everything with one button. Practising writing will be much more enjoyable for children this way.

Be creative

Consider using Finger Paint or Wax Silky Crayons if you enjoy creative activities. These are excellent ways to develop your children's creativity and fine motor skills. Let the children create their pictures with wax crayons. They can make their prints on the drawings with finger paints, which you can try to enhance with additional drawings. You'll be surprised at all the possibilities!

Repeat colours through play

Teaching children colours is a challenging but fun process that various activities and games can support. Children are naturally curious and open to new information. Some may learn colours more quickly, while others may take longer. It all depends on their abilities. However, you can try playful learning. You can use Smart Eggs, or suction cup construction sets Rainbow Keepers to help you. Play memory games or colour sorting.

Create your sticker world

You can use reusable stickers for this purpose. They come in various themes, last for several years, can be easily removed, and children can learn and have fun with them. In addition, they will practice fine motor skills, creativity, role-playing, and gain knowledge in various areas. You can decorate a mug, bottle, or mobile phone with them. Children can use stickers to decorate the doors of cabinets in their room and the refrigerator or learn the sounds that animals make. Stickers are easy to peel off, so you don't have to worry about damaging surfaces.



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