7 Activities for Traveling with Kids. Our products can make it more enjoyable for you

7 Activities for Traveling with Kids. Our products can make it more enjoyable for you

Travelling with children is a unique experience that can be an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. Whether planning a trip abroad or a short outing in nature, suitable activities can make even the most boring journey more enjoyable. Travelling with kids can be challenging for many parents, who often prefer to avoid long trips. However, many activities can make your car journey more enjoyable. Get inspired by some of them.

Creative Activities

Various creative and writing activities can be an excellent way to spice up the journey. If you want to avoid packing paper or coloured pencils and markers in the car, you should opt for Magic Drawing. It's a magical board on which a child can practice shapes, letters, and numbers or draw interesting objects they've spotted during the journey.

Travel Games

Play various games with your children during the journey. Compete to see who can spot a green car first, a specific road sign, or who can count ten bicycles the quickest.

Fun with Suction Cups

A guarantee of great entertainment for kids during travel is a suction cup construction kit. Suction cups easily attach to any smooth surface, such as the car window. Kids can use suction cup Keepers to create different stories or compete to see who can build a more exciting shape on the window.

Cheerful Questions

A few distracting elements in the car give you an ideal opportunity to have fun conversations with your children. Prepare some entertaining questions that everyone must answer. "What's the most beautiful thing you've seen? What are you dreaming about? What would you like to see this summer?"

Magnetic stories

Magnetic boards are perfect travel companions due to their compact size. They encourage creative play, allowing children to create various pictures, patterns, or stories using their imagination.

Treasure Map

Prepare a map with the route you'll be taking and mark key points on it - a big lake, a rest area, or a castle on a hill. Guess how much further you must go to reach your destination or the next landmark. Ultimately, you can determine who identified the most landmarks or had the best estimate.

Mess-Free Coloring

Water Magic colouring Books are durable thanks to their hard material, so even the most unsteady hands or car rides won't damage them. These colouring books entertain without the mess. With the water-based painting technology, you don't have to worry about dirt. Plus, they can be used repeatedly; wait a few minutes, and the car journey will pass much faster.


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