Four reasons why you should definitely try silicone toys

Four reasons why you should definitely try silicone toys

Silicone toys are nowadays boasting popularity thanks to their safety and durability. Silicone, renowned for its flexibility, safety and non-toxic nature, is perfect for children’s playthings. This multipurpose educational toy enhances eye-hand coordination and problem-solving skills. In addition to the advantages above, there are further benefits. Here are four compelling reasons to consider giving them a try.

  1. Safety

Silicone toys are made of safe and non-toxic materials, offering resilience against damage and indestructibility. This guarantees the retention of rounded edges, ensuring the safety of children even after prolonged use. Additionally, these toys are effortless to maintain—simply washing them with warm water and soap ensures a clean, germ-free surface.

  1. Development of a diverse skill set

Silicone toys are designed to foster children's developmental skills. These toys feature a soft texture ideal for refining the tactile perception of even the youngest users. Simultaneously, children can explore various shapes and colours, enhancing their creativity and imagination. The toys' user-friendly design facilitates simple manipulation, providing valuable cognitive and motor skill development.

  1. Long-lasting resilience

Silicone toys are renowned for their robustness and longevity. Their durable nature ensures they withstand rough handling and remain intact for an extended period. Parents can rest assured that they are free from concerns about children inadvertently damaging or tearing these toys.

  1. Suitable for everyone

At Lernitoys, our silicone toy collection comprises five diverse designs suitable for everyone. Whether it's boys, girls, or the littlest ones, our offerings cater to a wide audience. From the Silicone Caterpillar Gear Toy and House blocks to the Bamboo sorter with silicone blocks, Rainbow and Silicone 3D Elphant puzzle are universally appealing educational toys promoting hand-eye coordination, creative thinking and problem-solving skills for all.

How to play with silicone toys?

  • Tactile exploration: Silicone toys are perfect for activities like pulling and tactile perception development with their soft structure and diverse surfaces. Encourage your child to feel the different textures, promoting sensory awareness.
  • Colour and Shape Recognition: The various designs of these toys aid children in distinguishing colours and shapes, fostering the development of their visual perception. Engage them in sorting individual parts based on colours or shapes, turning playtime into a learning experience.
  • Bath-time fun:  Transform playtime into bath-time fun! Silicone toys make ideal bath companions, providing a unique opportunity for water entertainment. As children engage in water play, they simultaneously develop coordination skills.
  • Versatile Integration: These toys are incredibly versatile, seamlessly integrating into various games and activities. Watch children unleash their creativity, incorporating silicone toys into imaginative play scenarios that enhance their cognitive and social skills.

 Beyond mere entertainment, silicone toys play a vital role in your child's development. The soft material ensures safety, durability, and diverse, enjoyable experiences, contributing to the holistic growth of even the youngest children.


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