Water Magic painting – a small miracle that will entertain your children with no mess!

Water Magic painting – a small miracle that will entertain your children with no mess!

If you still need to get our bestselling WATER MAGIC BOOK at home, you should fix that. Lerni offers children’s colouring books based on unique technology without using colours - that means no mess, no stains on clothing or coloured hands that will not wash. That is not all; Water Magic Book has other benefits too.  

Colourful painting with clean water

You will animate the white paper sheets only by using water. It is very simple, and you only need to fill a special pen with water and make some strokes on the white page of the colouring book. Your children will learn to hold the pen, get to know colours and hop on the exciting road of discovering. Children can discover animals on the farm, vehicles or far away safari thanks to thematic colouring books! Lerni colouring book Water Magic Book is not only about colouring, but also about completing tasks. The child can search images or count to 10 if the pictures appear after water colouring.

Colouring with no stains and mess

Colouring books Water Magic Book bring tons of entertainment with no mess. Thanks to the technology that enables colouring with only water, you don't have to worry about any mess. A child will stay clean with our colouring books and not spoil his surroundings. Therefore you don’t have to worry about stained sleeves or freshly washed clothes.

Repeated use

Colouring books can be used repeatedly, and you just need to wait a few minutes until the pages miraculously erase. The colouring pages will dry out, and when they are white again, the little ones can colour them again. With our colouring books, you won't have to store crayons, colours, or paper anymore. Lerni Coloring Books, Water Magic Book, save space and are eco-friendly.

Ideal for travelling

Thanks to the compact size of the colouring book, you can easily throw it into a purse or backpack, making it an ideal companion not only for travel but also in waiting rooms at the doctor's office and anywhere you need to entertain your child. The colouring books are durable thanks to the solid material.

Thematic colouring books for everyone

Everyone will have fun with our colouring books. At Lerni, we offer you several options. Whether you have a little princess or an animal lover at home, you will indeed find the right one for your child:

-         Water Magic Book - Farm

-         Water Magic Book - Vehicles

-         Water Magic Book -  Animals

-         Water Magic Book - Princess

-         Water Magic Book - Safari

-         Water Magic Book - Dinosaur 

How to play with Water Magic colouring books?

Colouring with Water Magic colouring books is very easy - you only need to pour water into a unique water pen and start creating. Colours will magically appear after stroking the white page of the colouring book. 

Why choose water colouring books?

Colouring allows children to communicate with their surroundings, discover their talents, and exercise creative thinking. The colouring book is suitable for children aged three and offers various themes for both girls and boys. They can practice fine motor and writing skills and develop appropriate pressure on the surface.

With these toys, your children will have fun, express their creativity, and learn about colours and new shapes, all without unnecessary mess. All you need is the mat and water. Another undeniable advantage is that they can paint endlessly without colours and a mess.

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