Use Silky Crayon finger paints and pastels to discover the world with carefree creativityjte svet bezstarostnej tvorivosti s prstovýmu farbami a pastelkami Silky Crayon

Use Silky Crayon finger paints and pastels to discover the world with carefree creativityjte svet bezstarostnej tvorivosti s prstovýmu farbami a pastelkami Silky Crayon

Every child is a little artist with an enormous capacity to explore, dream, and create. Creative activities allow children to express their thoughts and emotions, stimulate their intellect, and develop essential skills. To support creative activities, you can also use finger paints or Silky Crayon wax pastels, which can help your children explore the world of art.

Why is nurturing creativity in children necessary?

  • Expressing Emotions - Children often have difficulty expressing their emotions in words. Creative activities such as painting or drawing allow them to convey their feelings and thoughts through artistic expression.

  • Development of Critical Thinking - Creativity promotes critical thinking and the ability to assess and evaluate various options.

  • Joy in New Discoveries - Children learn new things while having fun, which motivates them to explore further.

  • Social Skills - Creative activities can foster cooperation. When playing in groups, children learn to collaborate and communicate with others.

  • Enjoyment of Creation - Creativity brings children joy in creating and being able to produce something unique and special.

How to promote the development of creativity in children?

  • Provide children various creative materials such as pencils, paints, pastels, modeling clay, and more.

  • Encourage open-ended play, one of the best ways to nurture creativity. Let children play freely and see where their imagination takes them.

  • Incorporate creative activities into your daily schedule and engage in creative endeavours with your children.

  • Foster their curiosity, answer their questions, and allow them to explore new things.

Discover Silky Crayon wax pastels or finger paints

Silky Crayon wax pastels are designed specifically for children, promoting their artistic and creative activities, creativity, and sensory perception. When used with a brush and water, they behave like watercolours, offering vibrant colours, good washability, non-toxicity, and practical packaging.

Wax pastels offer a variety of activities, such as:
  • Painting pictures - children can paint various images and scenes on paper, including their abstract artistic works. When a brush and water are used, the colours act like watercolours.
  • Colourful collages - children can cut out images from coloured paper, paste them onto larger paper, and use wax pastels to complete and enhance the collage.
  • Colour experiments - children can learn to mix colours to create new shades and colour transitions.
  • Story paintings - with wax pastels, children can create story paintings, where each page represents a different part of the story. They can use pastels of various colours to express the mood, emotions, or events in the story.

Finger paints are an excellent tool for creative and fun painting. They are designed to provide carefree fun and an educational experience that promotes creativity and sensory development. They are applied directly to the surface using fingers and can be diluted with water. Not only do they develop imagination, but they also encourage fun and educational games.

With finger paints, you can try activities such as:

  • Creating imprints - children can create imprints of their hands, fingers, or special shapes on paper.

  • Colourful collages - cut out various magazine pictures and complete them using finger paints.

  • Creating postcards - design personalised postcards, drawing inspiration from nature or favourite characters.

Creativity is an important aspect of children's development. It's essential to give them the space to experiment and create. Finger paints and wax pastels are excellent tools that help children discover art's joy.


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