Temporary kids' tattoos: Entertainment as a reward

Temporary kids' tattoos: Entertainment as a reward

Are you struggling with your little children washing their hands and brushing their teeth, or are you "struggling" with eating? A small reward could help. Rewards in the form of toys and sweets can negatively impact responsibilities. A temporary children's tattoo is a great compromise.

Family members and parents often want to reward their children for their achievements and progress. Simple gestures that we make towards positive reinforcement can work wonders for a child's self-confidence. However, they must be well thought out in advance, fun, and interesting for children.

Why reward children with kids' tattoos?

If you have boxes full of toys that children are not interested in and sweets that you try to hide from them, choose a reward from us that will entertain and motivate them. Children's temporary tattoos:

  • are a great bargain thanks to the premium promotion on lernitoys.ae,
  • provide a sufficient number of patterns and, therefore, enough rewards,
  • do not harm teeth,
  • do not take up much space,
  • can be easily removed,
  • are fun, colourful, safe, and suitable for both girls and boys.

Did you know that:

Kids' temporary tattoos are made of paper and coloured with soy-based inks. Soybean oil is an edible oil, and soy ink is an environmentally friendly type of ink. Its printing effect is perfect. Compared with traditional ink, it has brighter colours, higher concentration, better stability, and is easier to remove than standard colours used in temporary tattoos. Another advantage is that this type of ink is resistant to friction and heat, so soy-based inks are also used in the production of daily printing because they help readers avoid getting ink on their hands.

Tattoo as a reward and means of positive motivation

Offroad-cars for boys, magical unicorns for girls or the animal planet for all children. Only a little positive motivation suffices, and children will:

  • brush their teeth more joyfully,
  • wash their hands and master toilet training more quickly,
  • be motivated to clean up after themselves,
  • even eat vegetables from their plate.

Rewarding is, of course, a matter of agreement and must not replace education towards responsibility. Children should perceive the reward as something extra, as motivation and not as something they are entitled to after completing each task.

You can try to reward your children not only with temporary tattoos but also reusable sticker books or rainbow keepers con-suction toys.

How to reward children with toys?

Playing as an activity is work for children. This is especially true for educational toys that encourage creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills and playfully teach new abilities and skills. However, some toys have no added value and occupy kids' bedrooms. You will not find ordinary toys on our e-shop.

Are you looking for high-quality toys with educational properties or an exciting reward for your little ones? Choose from our selection or consult with our colleagues via chat or our hotline to find out which educational toy will suit your child best. We are here for you.


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