3 reasons why Rainbow Keepers suction cup building set is a must

3 reasons why Rainbow Keepers suction cup building set is a must

Are you searching for a toy that entertains children while also fostering skills development? Rainbow Keepers suction cup building set enhances creativity, logical thinking, and fine motor skills. It's a construction set that stands out for its safety features and versatile use. Here are three main reasons why Rainbow Keepers is a must-have at home!

1. Safety

The construction set is crafted from high-quality, safe and eco-friendly materials, ensuring it's safe for children. The suction cups are designed to be sufficiently large, reducing the risk of swallowing and enhancing safety, especially for younger children. With Rainbow Keepers, parents can rest assured that their children can play freely and explore the world with unlimited possibilities. The suction cups are also made of high-quality silicone, providing a pain-free experience even if accidentally stepped on, unlike other construction sets.

2. Overcoming fear of water

Many children have a fear of water, which can make bath time challenging. Rainbow Keepers transform every bath into an adventure! With suction cups, children can create new worlds, engage in water battles, build various structures or chains, or simply attach them to smooth surfaces securely. The water-resistant suction cups make them ideal for bath time, pool play, or water games, helping children overcome their fear of water in a fun and engaging way.

3. Ideal travel companion

Travelling with children can be daunting, but Rainbow Keepers make it easier. Their compact design and easy manipulation make them perfect companions for long car rides, train journeys, or plane trips. Children can enjoy building and creating while travelling, keeping boredom at bay and ensuring that children stay entertained throughout the journey.

Additional benefits of Rainbow Keepers building set

  • Education: Suction cups help refine children’s spatial thinking and awareness, geometry and teach children new colours and shapes,
  • Creativity: The Rainbow Keepers allow children to express their creativity through open-ended play, enabling them to create various constructions and patterns,
  • Fine-motor skills: Manipulating with Rainbow Keepers enhances fine motor skills, hand movements and hand-eye coordination,
  • Communication: When multiple children play with the Rainbow Keepers together, they can learn to cooperate, communicate and develop problem-solving skills, laying a foundation for teamwork
  • Durability: These building sets are made of quality materials. The Rainbow Keepers are durable and resistant to repeated use.


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