Experience the enchantment of colours with Silky crayons! Here are five compelling reasons to give them a try

Experience the enchantment of colours with Silky crayons! Here are five compelling reasons to give them a try

Silky Crayons, crafted specifically for children, nurture their artistic and creative abilities, imagination, and sensory perception. When paired with a brush and water, these wax crayons transform into vibrant watercolours, ensuring easy washability and non-toxicity. Packaged conveniently, Silky Crayons offer additional benefits beyond their versatility and safety.


Silky Crayons boast an exceptional washability feature. Designed for easy removal from furniture, walls, clothing, and little hands, use water with a few drops of soap, and unwanted drawings vanish effortlessly. This attribute ensures limitless creative exploration for your children without fearing mess.

Durability and Smoothness

Silky Crayons offer practical advantages beyond washability. They are meticulously crafted to slide effortlessly, giving children optimal drawing control. Moreover, these crayons are resilient and resist breakage, alleviating concerns of unexpected interruptions during artistic endeavours.

Minimal Pressure, Maximum Detail:

One of the remarkable attributes of Silky Crayons is their ability to produce vibrant colours with minimal pressure. Children can effortlessly create smooth and detailed lines without exerting excessive force. This feature expands the possibilities for artistic expression and minimises hand fatigue during extended drawing sessions.

Transformation into watercolours

Silky Crayons boast another remarkable quality—they transform into watercolours with a simple touch of water. Crafted with materials conducive to dilution, adding water and using a brush gradually dilutes the colours, allowing children to explore new techniques, create various effects, and seamlessly blend between colours.

Wide range of colours

Enclosed in practical packaging, each set contains 24 smooth wax crayons offering diverse colours. This eliminates the need for children to dispute over specific colours, as each set includes various shades within the same colour family.

Why Choose Silky Crayons?

  • Facilitate colour exploration, blending, and texture creation while nurturing creativity, imagination, visual perception, and artistic thinking.
  • Drawing with Silky Crayons is an enjoyable and relaxing activity. It allows children to unwind and alleviate stress.
  • Manipulating Silky Crayons enhances fine motor skills for refining writing and other manual activities.
  • These wax crayons prioritise safety for children and boast a smooth and creamy texture, ensuring comfortable drawing experiences.

In conclusion, Silky Crayons are an indispensable tool for every artist. With their wide array of colours, durable design, and washability, they are the perfect choice for unleashing creativity and refining fine motor skills in children.


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