Christmas guide - Top 5 educational gifts for boys

Christmas guide - Top 5 educational gifts for boys

Discovering the perfect gift not only for Christmas may be challenging. Luckily, Lernitoys is here for you to make the process effortless! Here are five tips for selecting top educational toys for boys that entertain and foster creativity, logical thinking, and curiosity. Give the gift of joyful, educational, and unforgettable moments under the Christmas tree. Remember, the most meaningful gifts are those that not only bring delight but also inspire.

Reusable sticker books - vehicles, animals

Lerni's reusable stickers offer a perfect blend of education and fun. Reusable stickers are designed for repeated use. These durable stickers can last years and are easily removable from smooth surfaces. Beyond their longevity, these stickers provide an engaging way for children to enhance their fine motor skills, unleash their imagination, and indulge in creative role-play. Explore our diverse range of designs. We highly recommend checking out themes for boys, like vehicles or animals.

Hooray! Water Colouring books - Dinosaurs, Vehicles, Safari

The children’s colouring book Hooray, Water! is based on a unique technology. Watch white pages burst into vibrant life with just the touch of water. This colouring book combines fun with a mess-free experience, ensuring that children and their surroundings stay clean. Hooray, Water! Colouring books are not just a one-time entertainment; they can be used repeatedly. Simply wait a few minutes for the page to dry out. We offer a variety of themes. In addition to their practicality, these colouring books come in practical sizes, making them perfect for travel. The process of colouring also aids in teaching children about colours and developing a correct pen-holding grasp. For young adventurers, our Hooray, Water! Colouring books in Safari, Vehicles, or Dinosaur designs are ideal choices.

Smart Eggs - Dinosaurs, Vehicles 

Smart Eggs, the ideal companions for fostering crucial skills and cognitive abilities, are designed to endure. Their sturdy eggshells, concealing intriguing shapes within, ensure durability. Specifically crafted for boys, Smart Eggs Dino introduces children to various types of dinosaurs and offers an opportunity to review colours. Explore multiple activities with Smart Eggs – play pairs, imprint them on modelling clay or sand, or engage in various sorting games.

Magnetic boards

Magnetic boards are among the most popular educational toys. They are made of solid and durable materials and come in practical sizes. They help train fine motor skills and graphomotor skills and offer children entertaining and educational activities.

Magic drawing 

Magic drawing tablet saves paper and offers a safe, entertaining, space-efficient drawing experience. Perfect for travel, this tablet is versatile and easy to operate with a low-consumption battery. A magic drawing tablet is designed to foster creativity in children. It is an educational toy that encourages drawing with no restrictions - whether replicating drawings from templates or expressing their imagination freely. For girls, you can find Magic drawing tablets in blue colour in three sizes.


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