Christmas guide - Top 5 educational gifts for girls

Christmas guide - Top 5 educational gifts for girls

Discovering the perfect Christmas gift can be challenging, but with Lerni, the process becomes effortless! Here are five tips for selecting top educational toys for girls that entertain and foster creativity, logical thinking, and curiosity. Give the gift of joyful, educational, and unforgettable moments under the Christmas tree. Remember, the most meaningful gifts are those that not only bring delight but also inspire.

Reusable sticker book - Princess

Lerni's reusable stickers offer a perfect blend of education and fun. Reusable stickers are designed for repeated use. These durable stickers can last years and are easily removable from smooth surfaces. Beyond their longevity, these stickers provide an engaging way for children to enhance their fine motor skills, unleash their imagination, and indulge in creative role-play. Explore our diverse range of designs. We highly recommend checking out themes for girls like Princess, What Should I Wear, or Playhouse in our collection.

Hooray, Water! Colouring book - Princess

The children’s colouring book Hooray, Water! is based on a unique technology. Watch white pages burst into vibrant life with just the touch of water. This colouring book combines fun with a mess-free experience, ensuring that children and their surroundings stay clean. Hooray, Water! Colouring book is not just a one-time entertainment; it can be used repeatedly. Simply wait a few minutes for the page to dry out. We offer a variety of themes. In addition to their practicality, these colouring books come in practical sizes, making them perfect for travel. The process of colouring also aids in teaching children about colours and developing a correct pen-holding grasp. For young princesses, our Princess Hooray, Water! Colouring books are an ideal choice.

Magic drawing 

Magic drawing tablet saves paper and offers a safe, entertaining, space-efficient drawing experience. Perfect for travel, this tablet is versatile and easy to operate with a low-consumption battery. A magic drawing tablet is designed to foster creativity in children. It is an educational toy that encourages drawing with no restrictions - whether replicating drawings from templates or expressing their imagination freely. For girls, you can find Magic drawing tablets in pink colour in three sizes.

Wax crayons Silky Crayon

Unlock the world of creativity with Wax Silky Crayons, the perfect choice for those seeking toys that inspire artistic expression. When touched with water, these wax Silky crayons transform into vibrant aquarelle water paints. These unique crayons are bright, non-toxic and, on top of that, are stored in a practical case.

Finger paints 

Another excellent possibility for creative activities is finger paints. T Finger paints are a fantastic option for carefree entertainment and enriching educational experiences that promote creativity and sensory development. These paints are uniquely designed to be applied directly with fingers; additionally, they are dilutable with water and are safe for the skin.


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